New Beginnings

My name is Ellen. I have been making things with my hands since I was a very wee tot. 

When people ask me what I do these days, I tell them I am an artist and musician and that I work part-time at a special school. Who I am underneath the titles or what I've been been through in my search to find myself and carve out a pathway as a professional artist doesn't usually factor into the conversation. For many reasons, but mostly because I assume giving new acquaintances a run-down of my life story might be a tad overwhelming, I usually go with the labels. However, for a while all these labels have been getting a little heavy. The more people ask me what I do and I tell them about my various creative undertakings, the less energy I have to actually pour into my work. So I'm writing to you in an effort to dispel any myths about my life as a creative person; to give you a taste of the real deal; To reveal a little more of the woman behind the many masks & to reconnect with you and myself through my first online blog.

I'd love to hear of your own stories if you read this and feel like dropping me a line. I'll be posting more of my journey past & present, as I go along. I'd love to hear your feedback. Best til next time x Ellen